Thursday, 23 August 2012

How To Turn An Old Laptop LCD Into A Monitor With HDMI and VGA Input

I recently came across a post on a unknown website saying this ;

Many people have recently started to ask how to connect an LCD screen taken from an old laptop computer. This is a very common question in many discussion forums. The common answer is NO.
The LCD is generally driven by a custom chip set and for many laptops, the interface requirements are very different than in VGA interface. Generally the needed conversion is a difficult and expensive task. This is not a task for a novice, and many professionals will also not bother.

After reading this I felt it be necessary to make the on-line tech enthusiasts aware of how untrue this post is and how easy it is to do! . I own a YouTube channel explaining exactly how to turn an old laptop LCD into a working monitor with VGA, HMDI and DVI inputs. I started the channel mid 2009 uploading a video simply showing the 'tech' community what an old laptop, twenty quid and a bit of common sense could do. surprisingly this video went viral and gained over 150,000 views, with most of the comments along the lines of  "MAKE A TUTORIAL" . So I went on to contact the Chinese supplier of a product that can turn your old laptop LCD into a working monitor, they kindly sent one out for me to use in my tutorial video and that's where I am up to so far. I have allot more plans for this specific area of technology and i'm sure your thinking "God Sake! Give Us The Link To The Video's " so here is my YouTube channel and video links :) Enjoy!

First Video To Go Viral - 

Tutorial Video - (This video show's you exactly how to turn your old laptop LCD into a monitor)

iPhone 5 Post - 14/11/2012

iPhone 5 Working On Old Laptop LCD Screen

The final video will be coming soon everyone! within the finished video I will be using apple's Lightning Digital AV Adapter to connect my iPhone 5 to an old laptop LCD screen

This is an old Sharp LCD panel working with an iPhone 5 connected to it. This is done with a small controller board connected to the LCD panel provided by njytouch. you can buy your own Controller Board here -